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About Us

Founded during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, Team Geer is a spirit wear and accessories online retailer, specializing in high school teams and amateur sports organization fundraisers.

Specializing In Personalization

Team Geer is proud to offer personalization services for many of the spirit wear and accessory items we sell. 

Personalization, or customization, is a perfect option for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, classmates and athletes wanting to support their team in with a custom name, message or logo. 

With our easy to use online personalization tool, anyone can customize the text or logo with the push of a button, and add it directly to their shopping cart. While each item provides unique personalization options, it allows you to easily add your name or number to a shirt or hoodie, or a sport name or specific logo to your item. 

Giving Back To Local Schools

In addition to personalization for your spirit geer, Team Geer is proud to give back to our local communities by donating a portion of every sale back to local schools. 

We're founded by a former high school athlete and coach, and we know the importance of giving back to our local schools as a way to encourage continued participation in extra curricular activities and sports, and how that directly impacts the social, physical and mental development of children and young adults. 

When you purchase an item from Team Geer, know that a portion of your money is going directly to the local school connected to that item or shop, and that it makes a real difference in the lives of those in your own backyard.

A SzaboCo Digital Retail Brand

Team Geer is owned and operated by SzaboCo, LLC, and is a family operated business located in Troy, Ohio. Founded in 2017 by John-Tyler Szabo, SzaboCo operates digital retail brands based on popular niches and is committed to building a trusted ecommerce destination.