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We're proud to offer custom personalization on many of our spirit apparel items, for a one of a kind item only available from Team Geer! 

We've developed an easy-to-use personalizer to help guide you through the personalization process in only a few steps.

[PROTIP: Personalizing works best on "traditional" computers such as PC, MAC, Chromebook and some tablets]

Personalization is offered on several Team Geer apparel products, including personalized spirit jerseys, hoodies, tank tops and shirts for a one of a kind item only available from Team Geer!

Items with personalization must be customized prior to purchase, but specific areas of personalization may be left blank for a truly custom experience.


Does Personalization cost extra?

NO. Items with personalization are customized with your name and/or number at no extra charge! 

Does the name/number have to be mine?

NO! You are free to personalize apparel items with whomever name and number you wish! Personalization is great for having your own last name, nickname, team name or number, but also great to add your boyfriend/girlfriend's name and number, or for parents, uncles etc to add their kid's name and number for a truly special spirit item only available from Team Geer. 

Why doesn't my name fit on the item?

Unfortunately, due to standardized manufacturing processes, we can only fit so many characters in most personalization windows. This size depends on the garment as well as overall design. Maybe try a nickname?

Can I personalize an item on my phone?

Technically yes, but our personalization software works way better on an "old fashioned" computer, even a chromebook or ipad! We recommend taking a little extra effort to make sure your item comes out perfect!

Why doesn't the personalizor work on my phone?

Our software works great on a traditional computer, laptop or even a tablet. If you're still having trouble loading, scrolling or previewing the personalization screen on your phone, try using a PC, Mac or Chromebook for a much less frustrating (and quicker!) experience. You'll thank us for the protip :)

I dun goofed and need to change my custom text!!

Oh my. Our orders are batched automatically for production at our factory in order to ensure the quickest turnaround. If you just submitted the order (within the past hour) you might be in luck, and should contact customer service ASAP to see if changes can be made. Unfortunately, once an item goes into production, there is no longer the ability to cancel or modify the personalization options selected prior to checkout. We STRONGLY recommend using a computer to use the personalization feature, as the larger screen and keyboard can minimize these mistakes before the order is placed. Double check your preview screen for accuracy!!!

I have a question that I don't see an answer for!

Contact customer support at